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About Me

 I can’t stick to one creative expression but my three top craft activities are sewing, crochet and knitting.  Sewing is the main activity right now because of the capsule wardrobe.  With the onset of autumn I have picked up my crochet hooks again. It’s the best for loadshedding time when I want to do something with my hands.

Let’s Get Started

Modern Crochet Is Awesome

I’m not a granny square person. I like to explore new ways of doing crochet. Making bags have become a passion. The key is in the type of yarn you use. I used to be pretty precious about using natural yarns until I started to make bags and my efforts would just not yield the result I wanted. It wasn’t until I started to use acrylic yarn that my bag and basket making really begin to take shape.

green bag
pink bag linin